Papaya’s Tree of Savior adds the Illusionist and kicks off another round of boost events


Care to mess with enemies in Papaya Play’s Tree of Savior so hard that it actually physically harms them? Then you’re ready to play with the Illusionist, the newest class that was added to the OARPG’s Wizard tree last month. As one might expect, the Illusionist unleashes confounding attacks that build up stacks, which can then be spent on potent skills. Also as one might also expect, this new class is crammed inside of a lockbox like the Pontifex before it.

As far as other recent updates, we once again see another large swath of boosting events that are still ongoing, including a special gear-granting event running until April 16th, login rewards for new and returning players until February 13th, and another Weekend Burning event that ramps up specific earnings for every weekend in the month of February.

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