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IMCGames’ Tree of Savior introduces the Desperado class, Papaya’s Tree of Savior adds the Godeye class

It's a tale of two editions of Tree of Savior, as both the Steam version from IMCGames and the standalone global edition from Papaya...

Papaya’s Tree of Savior adds the Illusionist and kicks off another round of boost events

Care to mess with enemies in Papaya Play's Tree of Savior so hard that it actually physically harms them? Then you're ready to play...

Papaya’s Tree of Savior launches new events, promises more frequent and generous events soon

Tree of Savior - the one operated by Papaya Play and not the Steam version run by IMC Games - is all about events...

Tree of Savior unveils a new Engineer class coming July 19

Who wants some steampunk in their painterly fantastical isometric MMORPG? If you're a Tree of Savior player who raised your hand, then good news:...
Well, this isn't ideal.

Tree of Savior is getting a brand-new global version under Papaya next week

In a fascinating stroke of counter-programming, Papaya Play is planning to re-launch online ARPG Tree of Savior next week, just days before a little...

Echo of Soul comes back to the west once again as Echo of Soul Ragnarok thanks to a new publisher

Echo of Soul has had a long and drawn out history of death and rebirth here in the west as well as across the...

Uncharted Waters Online launches Lost Memories update with new storylines

Dang, it's been a while since we covered Uncharted Waters Online - the last we poked our heads in, it was finally rolling out...

Uncharted Waters Online relaunches today

Uncharted Waters Online is dead, long live Uncharted Waters Online! For the past few weeks, the old version of UWO has been offline following the...

Uncharted Waters Online picks up a new publisher, plans October relaunch

Lash the sails, there be rough sailing ahead for Uncharted Waters Online! But beyond that? It could be a voyage of unimaginable bounty for...