Tree of Savior is getting a brand-new global version under Papaya next week

Well, this isn't ideal.

In a fascinating stroke of counter-programming, Papaya Play is planning to re-launch online ARPG Tree of Savior next week, just days before a little game called Diablo IV is set to arrive. It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

Papaya recently announced that it’s launching the brand-new global Popolion server on its service on May 30th. It’s been taking pre-registrations for the new server since April and has promised a bundle of goodies to those who’ve signed up to play.

This looks to be a competing version to the established Tree of Savior English edition, which is run by developer IMC Games and has been on Steam for quite some time now. There’s a massive FAQ in the game’s Discord; here are a few tidbits to note:

  • This is a totally new server separate from the existing IMC Games service.┬áIMC Games’ server will continue on as it always has.
  • It’s not coming to Steam; you need the Papaya Play client.
  • The server is aimed at English-speakers in North America and is located in Quebec. Papaya is not currently planning a South America server.
  • Content on the server will run to Episode 15-1 at launch with all classes available on the IMC servers.
  • Papaya says it plans to “reduce elements that may obstruct” the MMORPG journey; specifically, it’s removing “excessive level boosts” and overpowered statted gear and pre-leveled characters and will replace them with experience events instead.

Source: Discord, Press release
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