Microsoft’s buyout of Activision-Blizzard gets full clearance from China

well then

Microsoft has cleared yet another hurdle in its slow subsumption of Activision-Blizzard, as China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has completed its investigation of the deal and allowed it to move forward without restriction.

Microsoft made the announcement over the past weekend, saying that the merger was “unconditionally approved” by the country’s authority. This marks another large market that okayed the deal after the European Commission conditionally gave it the go-ahead last week, and it now means that a total of 37 countries have approved the transaction. Of course, the merger isn’t fully cleared to go through owing to a block by UK regulators and a legal challenge by the US FTC.

As referenced in the opening of this story, the entire process of this multi-billion dollar buyout has been a significant and lengthy process, which will undoubtedly have immense impact on the games industry at large. If all of it has made your head spin, there’s a great summary video from ABC News Australia waiting below that condenses current events and considers the merger’s impact.

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