Funcom belatedly remembers Age of Conan’s 15th birthday with dev blog and event


Yesterday, we cheekily pointed out that Funcom appeared to have forgotten Age of Conan’s 15th birthday back on the 20th of May, in spite of players begging on the forums for a scrap of recognition for the occasion. Perhaps that spurred Funcom to action, as this afternoon, half a week past the birthday, it’s finally roused itself to acknowledge the moment.

The celebratory dev blog is primarily a walk down memory lane for the studio, which recaps the highlights (and lowlights) of 15 years of the first major MMO to snag an M rating. “All in all, we just just want to reminisce about the amazing things we’ve created together over the past fifteen years,” Funcom says. “From Onslaught mode to Saga Servers, from the Grim Grey God to your humble beginnings washed ashore, to the friendships, bonds, and love forged on the battlefield – it has been an incredible journey to take with you all.”

The post ends with the promise of “special Daily Login Rewards and extra Raid Finder rewards until June 6th at 9:00 AM EST,” so good news, everyone: Somebody at Funcom still knows how to flip that switch.

All teasing aside, happy birthday, Age of Conan. And if you want another walk down memory lane, MOP’s MJ streamed the game on Saturday!

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