Papaya’s Tree of Savior launches new events, promises more frequent and generous events soon


Tree of Savior – the one operated by Papaya Play and not the Steam version run by IMC Games – is all about events right now. Buff-granting events. Boosting events. Prize-granting events. Events, events, events.

The OARPG’s latest patch this week has kicked off a weekend burning event for the month of January that engages boosts to XP earnings and specific drop types through every Saturday and Sunday, along with a few bug fixes and a few freebies as recompense for connection issues over the New Year’s weekend. A patch that went live last week was primarily about bug fixes.

The events drum is once more beaing beaten by Papaya on Discord, as the studio reiterates its intent to not grant “jumping characters or overly powerful items” but also confirms that it wants to create “a more enjoyable environment that aligns with users’ expectations.” To that end, Papaya plans on having more events engaged on its server with more generous prizes on offer.

sources: official site (1, 2), Discord
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