Tree of Savior unveils a new Engineer class coming July 19


Who wants some steampunk in their painterly fantastical isometric MMORPG? If you’re a Tree of Savior player who raised your hand, then good news: the Engineer class is headed for the MMOARPG on Wednesday, July 19th.

The self-described “master of engineering, builder of all things” brings multiple mechanical wonders to bear against foes, with the ability to place multiple turrets and deploy large robots that unleash powerful AoE attacks. Turrets placed by an Engineer can also grant buffs to allies and apply debuffs to foes, making them a potent choice for PvP. The Engineer’s arrival will be celebrated with a two week-long free advancement event that lets players advance themselves to unlock the Engineer without restriction, along with several items in the game’s Event Shop.

Meanwhile, the most recent patches for the MMO adjusts the number of channels in certain maps, post messages when players can succeed guardian equipment, and squash several bugs. The Popolion server is also hosting different buffs during every weekend in July, with a variety of boosts for taking part in specific activities and instances running on Saturdays and Sundays. The link above features a chart of what buffs engage and when.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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