IMCGames’ Tree of Savior introduces the Desperado class, Papaya’s Tree of Savior adds the Godeye class

And both are crammed into lockboxes


It’s a tale of two editions of Tree of Savior, as both the Steam version from IMCGames and the standalone global edition from Papaya Play both got new classes – and subsequently stuffed access to them into lockboxes.

The Steam version has added the Desperado, a pistol-firing “spray and pray” style class that flummoxes enemies by attacking from their sides or the rear, while its “unpredictable madness” is best characterized by a risky Russian Roulette ability. Getting access to this class requires rolling the dice on a Leticia’s Secret Cube lockbox, which is available from now until April 16th.

Over on the version of TOS operated by Papaya, players can attempt to get their hands on the Godeye, a potent archer archetype that dishes out a whole bunch of ranged hurt. This new class is unlocked from the Papaya Cube, which is also available until April 16th.

The update patches for each respective version bring other things as well: The Steam edition has a season challenge mode available and a refer-a-friend promotion, while the Papaya edition has events that offer up bonus medals, TP, and free gifts.

sources: IMCGames press release, IMCGames site (1, 2, Papaya site (1, 2, 3)
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