Monster Hunter Now celebrates the Lunar New Year with limited quests and thematic rewards


The Year of the Dragon has arrived to the mobile ARG Monster Hunter Now, bringing some Lunar New Year-themed events and goodies for players to enjoy over the next several days.

The first portion of the event began at the start of February, which tasked players with gathering fortune lanterns and joining in on themed hunt-a-thons for monster materials, zenny, event armor tickets, and a Lunar New Year medal. The second portion of the event will kick off on February 7th, with challenging six-star hunt quests and a Pink Rathian fight, while players can spend their earned armor tickets on a thematic mask and weapon skins for the hammer and dual blades.

The event will stay online between now and February 15th, so those who are looking to celebrate the Chinese new year in MHN still have some time to do so.

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