ArcheAge adds December login rewards and tweaks chests with its latest patch


Are you familiar with the Duun Crate in ArcheAge? If you are, then your world is about to get rocked by the MMORPG’s newest patch, which has changed the contents of the Duun Crate from items that are earned by unlocking it with a key to two manastorm cyrstals earned without a key instead. The crate will also no longer drop from Jola the Cursed, Meina, and Glenn. Madness.

The rest of this new patch is similarly thin, adding login rewards for December, fixing some bugs, closing off certain events from the base game, and merging the auction houses of certain servers, while Unchained’s latest patch has also started the Black Friday Ticket event. Overall, there’s not much to this week, unless you’re the Duun Crate-loving type.

source: official site (1, 2)
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