Final Fantasy XIV reveals its Dawntrail launch trailer on the last Live Letter before the expansion

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If any Final Fantasy XIV fans were worried about a last-minute Dawntrail delay you can breathe easier after today’s Live Letter; director and producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that everyone is on-track for the expansion to start early access on June 28th with the full release on July 2nd. That goes hand-in-hand with the full launch trailer, which released today and shows off some hints of the story you can expect to see. This also includes some hints about the Enigmatic Maiden, who is still not being named even though she appears in the trailer. It’s a mystery we’ll all have to find out together.

Beyond that, the live letter revealed some gameplay by showing off a bit of the first trial fight of the expansion (against Valigarmanda) and one of the fights from the first tier of Arcadion, which is fully voiced. There were also numerous new mounts and minions showed off, including a swole cactuar and alpaca for minions and new character wings as well as a sugar glider for a flying mount. Check out the full trailer just below; the expansion’s early access period is less than two weeks away. You can also check out our full coverage of the recent media tour ahead of the launch!

Source: YouTube
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