final fantasy xiv

Official Site: Final Fantasy XIV
Studio: Square Enix
Launch Date: September 30, 2010; relaunched August 27, 2013
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Subscription (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, PS3, PS4

The Stream Team: Tanking while discussing Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail benchmark

This Eorzea Sunday is a special one because MOP's Chris was able to see what his beloved Final Fantasy XIV character could look like...

Final Fantasy XIV shares pre-Dawntrail schedule, releases the benchmark on April 14

Want to make yourself a Hrothgal in Final Fantasy XIV? Want to see what you'll look like Vipering about? (Yes, Viper is not a...

Wisdom of Nym: Taking a look at the Final Fantasy XVI x Final Fantasy XIV crossover

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Final Fantasy XIV’s April 12 live letter promises more Dawntrail patch details

With Final Fantasy XIV fans counting down the months and weeks until Dawntrail's release, there's a strong chance that they'll grab on to any...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV boost their soundtracks

Where are my MMO soundtrack lovers today? Guild Wars 2 announced that it's going to be selling a vinyl edition of its Secrets of...

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While there are plenty of awesome goodies to get in Final Fantasy XIV, the recently added crossover event with Final Fantasy XVI arguably has...

Vague Patch Notes: Game preservation is way more complicated than it seems

Before I say anything with this week's article, I want to make something very, very clear right from the premise: As you have probably...

Global Chat: What should we be thinking about Guild Wars 3?

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Perfect Ten: The 10 best Final Fantasy crossovers

So yesterday we got hit with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover in Final Fantasy XIV. It was all right, I guess. But it wasn't...

Final Fantasy XIV players report being banned on Xbox for advertising their free companies (guilds)

So how are things going with the Final Fantasy XIV version on Xbox Series X|S? Well, you would think that Microsoft had done enough...
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV isn’t easier, but it also is

So it was about half a month ago when Final Fantasy XIV fans translated an interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida talking about...

Working As Intended: The top 10 hot tubs in MMORPGs

It's been a running joke for a few years that I always put hot tubs in my MMO houses whenever possible, and once that...

The Stream Team: Learning the Sage class from square one in Final Fantasy XIV

MOP's Chris has learned a lot of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV, but the one that continues to elude his understanding is the...

One Shots: Pollen attack!

There are many ways to kill a man. A dagger in the back. A sifter full of poison. A smothering pillow. A duel at...
This is the face of giving a damn.

Vague Patch Notes: The limits of data in MMORPGs

Yesterday, I went on a rant about data. As you probably guessed from the various columns wherein I attempt to use data to analyze...

Final Fantasy XIV confirms the most important element of its Final Fantasy XVI crossover

From the moment that Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed that he had finally made peace with Final Fantasy XVI producer...
City again.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that experienced a surprising comeback

It's hard to pass up a really good comeback story. We love it when a beloved something or someone is counted down and out......

Massively OP Podcast Episode 463: WoW’s pirates storm the gangplank

Justin and Bree discuss FFXIV Dawntrail, the Riot MMO, WoW Plunderstorm, the state of Cryptic and its MMOs (Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Champions Online), ArcheAge 2's delay, Path of Exile 2's beta delay, and New World's next season, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, The Sims 4, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on rekindling the social magic of old MMORPGs.
Strong eye contact.

CBU3 previews everything you can grab in the Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI crossover event

It's just over a week until Final Fantasy XIV players get a chance to find their flame with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover event,...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail release dates, event dates, and philosophy

Well let me be the first to say that I can most definitely live with this particular set of revelations from PAX East, so...