Final Fantasy XIV reminds players to prepare for Dawntrail’s early access period

Makin', make make makin'... armor.

If you are unbelievably eager to be tap-dancing in Tural in Final Fantasy XIV, please remember that you need to have a pre-order code applied to your account to take part in Dawntrail’s early access. The article on the official site is all about making sure you are properly ready, and that includes registering your early access code as well as keeping your eyes open for the full code once it gets sent to your inbox. Not that the full code can be applied early, but it will be there before the actual launch.

Players are also reminded of the grace period between the full launch on July 2nd and when players need to have the full expansion code registered on July 5th, so while the code should already be there next week you don’t have to worry about logging off and applying it instantly. It’s not the most exciting preview possible, but it should help you avoid any issues with the expansion launch; be sure to double-check that you’re ready for early access, indeed.

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