Final Fantasy XIV announces a fan gathering event at London, which books up almost immediately


If you’re a player of Final Fantasy XIV who lives in the UK, then you might have missed a chance to hang out with other fans in-person, as the game announced earlier this morning that it would be hosting a fan gathering in London – and it filled all of its open spots almost instantaneously.

The gathering in question will take place on Monday, June 24th, at Big Chill at King’s Cross to celebrate the impending release of Dawntrail. The event will be bringing on things for fans to enjoy like food and themed drinks, a raffle, and a temporary tattoo station. The event was open to 150 slots, but all of those spaces were reportedly snapped up within minutes.

Square Enix’s Creative Studio III is continuing to mark the days until Dawntrail’s release in other ways, including another round of countdown illustrations from the art team, the launch of a 10th anniversary edition of the MMORPG for European players, and reminders that the Crystalline Conflict PvP season will be ending soon.

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