Age of Water makes tweaks to trader resources, research, post office rewards, and dolphin sightings


The water world of Age of Water continues to get adjusted and tweaked by Three Whales Studio, as the nautical survivalbox (survival bathtub?) continues to make updates to its systems and mechanics based on player feedback.

The list of changes here are pretty granular but fairly plenty: Traders will see their resources replenish much more often, the time it takes to research new tech has been significantly reduced, and rewards for “post office” delivery quests have been increased.

The rest of the changes are more about stats, fixes, or minor quality-of-life, like font size updates, the reload time stat getting more displayed information, more frequent dolphins, and the ability to see what materials are needed when researching things. It’s not necessarily a mind-blower of a patch, but it does mark the game’s continued attempts to improve the overall gaming experience.

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