City of Heroes: Homecoming i27p7 is live with newbie improvements, new story arc, and new powersets


A month and a half ago, City of Heroes came back when the Homecoming servers got the official license from NCsoft. A month ago, the team celebrated by bringing Issue 27 page 7 onto the test server. Now, the latest patch is live for everyone, meaning that players can enjoy a streamlined new player experience complete with better arrangement of power trays, more costume parts, sheathed weapon options, and even a new name for the rather ridiculously named Pay-2-Win vendors.

This patch also adds multiple new story arcs for players to explore as well as Assault sets for Controllers and Dominators: a new primary for both and a new secondary for Dominators. There’s also a number of balance adjustments including for the Council and Circle of Thorns, some name changes, new control bindings… you know, lots of new stuff to experience. If this rate continues, expect the next patch to be testing in a month’s time and to be fighting werewolves on the moon by the end of the year. (Please do not actually expect that. These are volunteer developers.)

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