Fractured reaches 30k registrations and shows off building mode


As Fractured continues to ramp up to its hopefully successful Kickstarter campaign, interest ramps up from the MMO community about this indie title. The dev team announced that the game has seen a rapid increase in registrations from 20,000 three weeks ago to 30,000 today.

To help prime the pump for crowdfunding, the team also released a new teaser video showing off the game’s building mode: “In the video, you can see the character taking a resting phase in the tavern, then venturing in the nearby forest to chop down some trees […] The building the player is trying to raise is a medium-sized one, with low-level technology, made of wood and stone. The construction is modular, and has to be completed step by step.”

Give it a look after the jump!

Source: Fractured
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isometric ‘the forest.’

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I’ve been following this game. The gameplay trailer makes me think of Wild Terra, but prettier. (Which reminds me I got hopelessly lost in Wild Terra. The bad kind of lost.) I’m not sure I’m down with having to put my logs in a cart and then stack them up. That just seems like too much realism!


I’m interested. Not positive I’ll back it. But I’m watching this project closely.