Fractured answers scores of fan questions, plans to compete with Albion Online


Small but ambitious fantasy sandbox Fractured compiled a host of fan questions this past weekend and released an hour-long video in which the lead developer answered them one by one. There’s a lot of information to digest, and thankfully, one player created a handy summary of the Q&A for those who don’t want to wade through an entire hour.

There was a lot of discussion about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and the team trying to prove itself to a community that may be unsure about the developers and the project. The devs see Albion Online as Fractured’s biggest competitor but hope that they can make their game more solo and small group friendly to gain an advantage.

There was a wide range of gameplay features that were addressed, such as becoming an angel, questing on asteroids, death penalties, player collision during PvP, the effect of eclipses on the game world, the situational nature of gear, and various offerings on the cash shop. The devs are anticipating that the buy-to-play game will cost somewhere between $20 and $30.


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