Defiance 2050 wraps up its second beta test and promotes its classes


With a multi-platform launch coming sometime this summer, Defiance 2050 has a lot resting on its new free-to-play format and additional refinements. To help prepare the game for its second shot at glory, the team has been running beta weekends, the second of which sounds like it went quite well.

“Beta went great, lots of feedback, found a lot of bugs,” Trion Worlds said in a recent livestream. “We are still going through feedback, pages and pages of it.”

There was a lot of discussion concerning classes in the livestream which makes them sound a lot more interesting than what the original Defiance had. The team also dropped some concept art of a few of the classes. Defiance 2050 will give out four classes to all free players, with additional specialized classes such as the Crusader being offered in the game’s store.

Check out the full livesteram after the break.

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Kevin Smith

They can take this reskin of a game because there is nothing new and shove it. They forced classes into the game when it didn’t need them, then they lock classes behind a paywall. Overall they are screwing anyone who already purchased the 1.0 version of the game and it’s DLC’s. I tried the newer version and it is the exact same game, hell even the quest are pretty much the same. They should have just pushed this out as an update to the base game and branded it a relaunch of that game instead of trying to say it is an all new game, which is a blatant lie. Would have most likely gotten a better response from those of us that have actually backed them in the past. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from this game as it is a major cash grab and not anything new.


Most “new” stuff in the original game was also a cash grab and re-skins now. They added a supposedly hover vehicle that just was a different skin of the ATVs. It didn’t handle like a hover vehicle or sound like one, it still had the ATV sounds including wheel screeches and even tire marks somehow.

Most of their events and weapons were re-skins, but at least it was being pumped into the old game where everybody invested their time. Now they’re pushing that lazy philosophy into a “new game” (which only a blind monkey would think it’s a new game). What few changes they did make made the game more limiting.

They couldn’t have put the new skill limiting “classes” into the old game however, because that would cause an uproar over how horrible a change that was.

I guess they think this is for new players mostly, and screw the old ones? Otherwise they’d be taking better care of the old long term players that have kept the game afloat.

They can take the new founder packs and put them in a deep greasy smelly hole as far as I’m concerned. But hey happy playing to the new people they’ll be taking advantage of.

On another note, I can’t believe how long I’ve put up with lock box shenanigans.

Kickstarter Donor

which makes them sound a lot more interesting than what the original Defiance had

Sound more interesting, but they apparently aren’t. Because it’s just the same ego abilities from before, you can just only unlock a small number of them on each class rather than everything as you want.

This is still looking like they’re just hoping to turn a quick buck with minimal effort because the changes are far more barebones than even what SWL received with its relaunch. I’m still super disappointed from what I’ve seen so far. Graphical changes are underwhelming (more is desperately needed, especially on the animation front) and the systems changes aren’t terribly interesting or necessarily positive. Largely seems like re-arranging the room slightly and trying to tell everyone that it’s been totally redecorated from top to bottom.


Yes they took the big open skill system that you could select whatever you wanted from and put various skills into limited “class” categories instead so that it’s no longer open. I’m sure they’re *trying* to make it sound more interesting as that is one of their “big” changes – but it’s definitely far more constricting and less interesting.

Kvarin Sunermidst

Locking classes away behind a paywall is bad practice, imo. I don’t care how big or small of a developer you are..