Conan Exiles prepares for launch with an AMA starring the man himself

Stop asking me what is best in life, I answered that.

Do you feel the need to ask someone what is best in life? Perhaps you should not, as the Conan Exiles AMA run by Conan himself will probably be full of people who think that referencing that specific line is the height of comedy. But as the game gears up for launch, you can take part in that Reddit AMA starting at noon EDT; the thread will open for questions an hour before the start time. Crush your hesitation and march forward to ask questions before the proper launch!

There will also be a lengthy launch stream starting at 6:00 a.m. EDT on launch day, so you can enjoy that entertainment if you can’t play right away on launch. The game is doing fairly well in the ramp-up thus far, entering the top 10 of global sellers as it ramps up for its full launch. Even if you’ve got no questions for the barbarian himself, you know he would probably appreciate that.

Source: Twitter, Steam

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Rees Racer

I bought into this sometime last year, and was impressed enough after a few hours, even though I don’t usually like survival games, and before all the polish and improvements. Then I put it away. So…I’m looking forward to the “official” launch. Word has been largely positive recently. ;)


That’s amazing. The responses were pretty top notch in the AMA.


I’m not sure everyone understood what an AMA run by Conan would be like. Some are trying to ask questions about the game mechanics and modding. Conan is having none of it! :)