Fractured preps for Kickstarter campaign and releases its main theme


Fantasy MMORPG Fractured is working hard to prepare for its future Kickstarter campaign — and it needs your help with the planning. The team laid out a list of potential pledge tiers this week for community evaluation and feedback.

These pledge packs cover a wide range of potential rewards, such as forum titles, digital copies of the game, beta access, in-game currency, premium membership, character slots, the soundtrack, pets, cosmetic skins, statues of you, the ability to be a “development advisor,” and a mule. Probably shouldn’t have put the mule last. Not really the most exciting of selling points, unless you are a mule enthusiast. If you are, please do not let us know.

The studio also released the game’s main theme on Soundcloud, which might get you stirred up to support the upcoming campaign. “Among the myriad of pieces that make up an MMO, we believe that the soundtrack often doesn’t receive due attention,” the studio said. “The creator of this wonderful record is the German composer Armin Haas, who is going to keep working on other tracks for the Fractured OST in the months to come.” Give it a listen after the break!

Source: Fractured, #2

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