Fractured is hosting a livestream on crafting and building today


Want to know more about crafting and building in Fractured as the game has passed its 75% funding mark? Good news, you’ll have a chance to find out more about it live today as part of the game’s newest livestream. The stream starts at 4:00 p.m. EDT on the game’s streaming channel, so you can check it out, ask questions live, and do all of the things you normally enjoy doing through livestreams.

Assuming that what you normally enjoy doing isn’t disgusting. Please don’t be gross in stream chat.

There’s no scheduled run time, but you can imagine it’ll probably be about an hour of answering questions and leading into details about player-run towns. If that’s not what you care about, this likely won’t have a lot of interest for you… but for everyone else it should be plenty of fun information about making things.

Source: Official Site, press release. Cheers, Luvly.

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Crossing my fingers for this Dev. I like his ideas and I can tell he believes in his game. I hope he gets the resources he needs to make it a reality .

Backed at a low level but if the project looks good in a few months I’ll upgrade.

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Every time I see a story about this game I get confused, thinking it’s about Fragmented, that Repopulation off-shoot


Fractured seems like it might be good, but it’s still 3 years out.