Fractured Online hypes next week’s land rush, previews playable tiger, bear, wolf, and deer races


We’re barreling on toward Fractured Online’s early access launch next week, and when it’s live, it’ll include a feature players haven’t had in this sandbox before: the playable Wildfolk. That’s the subject of a new info-drop from Gamigo and Dynamight Studios, as Dynamight is highlighting the race’s “cooperative playstyle.”

“The Wildfolk show a strong attachment to nature, living in harmony and fighting anything that threatens the balance of their lands,” the indie team explains. “This bond with nature grants them a natural affinity towards druid magic, drawing power directly from the planet, and are capable of morphing into their animal counterpart at will.”

Basically, if you wanted to play a tiger person, wolf person, deer person, or bear person, this is the faction for you.

“The Wildfolk are also unique in that they have sub-races that include the tiger-like Chadra, the wolf-kin Udoadra, the bear-kin Nheedra, and the hart-kin Erwydra. Each sub-race has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as the Chadra being capable warriors that lean more towards fighting, while the Erwydra are more inclined to practice magic as they are extremely intelligent and have an excellent memory. Fractured Online’s Steam Early Access launch will make the Chadra and Erwydra sub-classes available while the Udoadra and Nheedra will be included in a future update.”

Early access, we note, it still slated for September 15th. According to the updated timeline, the beta server will go down on the 12th after two days of monster invasion, then return at 10 a.m. EDT on the 15th. There’s no NDA, but the studios are hyping it up as a “LAND RUSH!” because when has a land rush ever gone badly in an MMORPG before? Oh. Ok, so when has a land rush ever gone badly in a Gamigo MMORPG before? Oh. Actually, just… never mind.

Source: Official site, timeline, press release
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