Fractured Online will wipe servers ahead of its September 15 early access launch


If the fall games release schedule isn’t really intriguing you so far, maybe this will help: Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online is planning its early access launch for September 15th. Dynamight Studio and publisher Gamigo have previously said the game will be launched officially this winter and had even implied the closed beta – which has been chucking out big updates all summer – would run until at least October.

Ahead of this September early access launch, existing servers will be wiped – that includes characters, items, towns, and knowledge points – followed by one more wipe ahead of the formal launch. The early access launch will also be accompanied by a fresh content update that includes the playable Wildfolk race.

“Get ready to explore the vast jungles, filled with all kinds of inhabitants, from towering lizardmen to creepy crawling slugs, or perhaps the extensive beaches and the overgrown volcano are more your cup of tea, this and much more awaits on Terra for you to unearth. The Wildfolk have a strong connection with nature, living their peaceful way and fighting any disturbances that threaten the balance of their lands, this bond grants them natural affinity towards druid magic, directly tapping power from the planet and are capable of morphing into their animal counterpart, making the Wildfolk the undisputed Guardians of Nature.”

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