Alganon’s website is back as Derek Smart explains the relaunch is coming very soon

Skeletons vs. tigers is an underappreciated genre.

Those who had long doubted if Alganon was ever coming back are now invited to eat crow, as it has… a website once again! No, really. The website is still in its archived form from 2016 (as evidenced by the news items on the front page), but character information can be searched via the game’s database and so forth. A posting on Steam from Derek Smart confirms that this is the first step to getting the game back online, and while there will be a character wipe so new players aren’t trying to get into the game alongside very experienced ones, legacy accounts will remain.

Alganon has been an interesting study in oddity ever since it went down for maintenance in 2018 and simply never came back, with many statements indicating that it would return at some point but with no details. Smart alludes to some of that in his newest posting, noting that there was a great deal of red tape that had to be worked through but insisting that he had no intention of abandoning the game. No dates are given yet, but it seems like the game is still being worked on indeed, and you can view the legacy website as proof.

Source: Official Site, Steam; thanks to Ryan for the tip!
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