Rumor: WoW Dragonflight launch date and Diablo IV pre-purchase event possibly leaked


A purported internal memo at Blizzard is making the rounds on the internet this week thanks to certain specific dates for World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight rollout and Diablo IV’s pre-order.

The memo, which also mentions Call of Duty games, starts off with the already-known August 30th pre-patch date for Wrath Classic. But then it gets more interesting from there, as Dragonflight’s own pre-patch is purportedly dated for October 25th, followed by a “global launch” of the newest expansion on November 28th.

What might be more interesting to certain parties is a mention of Diablo IV. The image says that on December 8th, Blizzard will be kicking off the pre-purchase period for the online ARPG alongside of The Game Awards.

Of course, there is no official confirmation that this memo is true, and we must remember that convincing fake WoW leaks are a pastime among some trolls. So take this as you will.

Source: Wowhead
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