Lost Ark previews the pet ranch coming in the August 24 Arkesian Sun update


It may not be getting the constant flow of hype that we saw earlier in 2022, but Lost Ark is continuing to pull huge numbers on Steam, where it’s still floating in the top five or 10 games for concurrency on the daily. And Amazon and Smilegate aim to keep those numbers up with the reveal of its next update: Under the Arkesian Sun, coming August 24th. In fact, you may have missed the original announcement as it was a bit buried within a dev blog about the pet ranch, which is as ridiculously adorable as it sounds.

“The August Under the Arkesian Sun Update arrives next week on August 24 after the weekly maintenance and reset, bringing with it the Pet Ranch and Legendary Pets,” the studio writes. “The Pet Ranch is a new location in the Stronghold where Pets can play, grow into more helpful companions, and help you earn valuable rewards. The cute and precious Pets aiding adventurers across Arkesia are ready to further help their worthy leaders by creating Jam Cookies and earning Pet Expertise to level up and unlock new abilities.”

Do note that to unlock the ranch, you’ll need stronghold level 15 with the farm and cave unlocked, and of course, you’ll need a pet.

Source: Official site, press release
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