Temtem defends its battle pass, plans adjustments to pass XP and inclusion of pass items to its store

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The fact that Temtem has a battle pass isn’t anything exactly new, as developer Crema Games announced its intention in a February 2020 roadmap post. Even so, players are apparently surprised by the decision, making their displeasure known in the form of Steam reviews, a bit of rancor on Reddit, and some community fracture within the game’s Discord.

It’s from the Discord that we have a message from Tsukki, one of the game’s community managers, who wrote up a post earlier in the week to defend Crema’s choice for including a battle pass.

“Our intention has always been to avoid p2w, and to make any premium item as optional as possible. Anything and everything paid in Temtem is cosmetic only,” she writes. “Still, we understand there are reasons against battle passes that don’t have to do with the economic factor of it. We know some people are against them by nature, and we entirely respect that and their decision to walk away from the game.” Tsukki further asks for those who disagree with the monetization choice to not harass the devs.

In a post from yesterday, Tsukki further outlines some new updates coming to the battle pass, including an immediate doubling of pass XP earnings from defeating and capturing wild Tems and an adjustment arriving in a patch sometime next week that will also grant pass XP from defeating NPC tamers. Additionally, Tsukki confirmed that cosmetics that are pass exclusive will also be added to the game’s cash shop a year after its arrival to the pass. Finally, the devs are continuing to take in feedback about pass XP earnings overall and considering changing their formulas.

source: Discord
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