Temtem eyes a trading hall, console port, hardcore mode, and cosmetics cash shop by summer 2021


Yesterday, Crema dropped a big roadmap for Pokemon-esque MMO-lite Temtem. Deeming it the “short-term” plan, the studio elaborated on competitive matchmaking, spectator mode, chat overhauls, guild management, achievements, and even housing, all on track to roll out through this fall. Today, Crema is back with another update to the roadmap, this time with “medium-term” features that extend from the end of this year into the summer of 2021.

So what can you expect? The promised release on console (with crossplay and potentially cross-save), the second iterations of matchmaking and spectator mode, Dojo Wars, an endgame island, the cosmetics cash shop (they promise no pay-to-win), the battle pass, a hardcore difficulty server, and a fully functional market.

“Some of the islands will feature a ‘Trading House’ (they’re already in-game, but they have a WIP sign and are inaccessible). The Trading Houses will be the market-oriented locations in the game, where players will be able to post and receive offers without the need to directly interact with anyone. They will act as a bulletin board where everyone will be able to post their offers and requests and others will be able to sort through all these listings. We’re also considering having some other ways to trade in the trading house. Tentative ideas being timed auctions, live auctions, random trades, etc… But are not guaranteed to be included at launch.”


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It’d be funny if this… Pokemon inspired… MMORPG ended up on the Switch.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

I think they mentioned Switch and PS4 specifically as targeted consoles somewhere before, but I may be wrong. Also that could have changed after negotiation with the platform holders.

Tom De Laet

Nice to see an officially supported nuzlocke system coming.


I think this is a solid road map. That is not something that can be said about all road maps these days.

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Jack Pipsam

A console port is a no-brainer, especially if they can make it crossplay, seems like a great game to play on the TV, also tap further into that Nintendo-vibe market.

I’m surprised it didn’t already have chat from the second it went-online, but it seems like a solid road-up all around.


I’m torn between liking and wanting in-game chat, and in-game chat ruining the game for a younger audience. Maybe have parental controls to shut off free chat and only let them see emotion bubbles and selectable phrases?