Embers Adrift releases new hair, alchemy, and a roadmap for the rest of 2023


Embers Adrift isn’t resting on its laurels Halloween week like so many other MMOs: It’s pumped out a new patch to bolster its ongoing anniversary festivities, and the patch focuses on the brand-new alchemy system.

“Once unlocked, Alchemy allows players to empower their next combat skill with Ember Essence,” Stormhaven says. “All non-aura skills are eligible for empowerment and each is empowered in a unique way. However, empowering your abilities comes at a cost. It takes time to extract and harness the essence from your stone: each empowerment adds to the execution time and requires Ember Essence. In addition, an ‘alchemy cooldown’ is triggered which prevents you from empowering that ability again for some time while your mind recovers; during this time you can continue to use the ability non-empowered as you would normally.”

The patch further includes a new cosmetic gear slot for subbers, multiple new hairstyles, and customizable overhead combat text.

Stormhaven Executive Producer John “Drindin” Gust also posted a state-of-the-game missive from the team, thanking players for their support, deep-diving the patch, and updating the roadmap for the rest of 2023. We spy new zones and zone phases, new creatures, new quests, epic weapon quests, fishing, mail, and the next phase of alchemy all on deck.

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