DragonCon 2023: Costumes and cosplay were a treat


A key component of Halloween is the tradition of dressing up as favorite characters, be they from folklore, history, literature, media, or even every day life. And Dragon Con is the same! Dragon Con 2023 was filled with cosplayers in a variety of costumes, including figures from movies, television, video games, pop culture, history, comics, and so much more. There are even Dragon Con exclusives, like Cult of the Marriott Carpet and the Cult of John. And a number of attendees even mix fandoms together for some fun combination.

One of my all-time favorite things to do at these shows is to wander around admiring all the creativity and many fandoms; you can’t walk a few steps without seeing a number of great cosplays. Of course, you have to be very quick on the camera draw to even capture a small percentage of all the amazing outfits. There are more superheros than you can shake a villain at (and more villains than you can shake a hero at!)!

I get especially excited when I recognize those dressed up from games I play. This year, I even bumped into quest givers with quest icons over their heads – who gave out real quests! If hobnobbing on the streets isn’t enough for you, there’s also the famous Dragon Con parade on Saturday morning during which groups march together in their outfits (and even the cars dressed up!) as well as a costume contest that awards costume designers from novice all the way up to expert.

In honor of Halloween today, we’re sharing a gallery of just a smattering of the amazing costumes and cosplay that happened over the Dragon Con 2023 weekend. Check them out below. Can you find a favorite character of yours?

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