War Thunder’s Kings of Battle adds new aircraft, ground vehicles, and a new way to murder foliage


War Thunder has kindly pumped out a big patch for war gamers who want something fun to play tonight while eating candy that they totally didn’t yoink from their kids or siblings. It’s called Kings of Battle, and as Gaijin notes, all 10 countries represented in the game are getting a ground vehicle as part of the patch (and some get two!), though of course there’s plenty more than that.

“In this update, 3 formidable aircraft join the top ranks, including the F-111A which breaks records regarding its payload!” the studio says. “Every nation in the game has received at least one ground vehicle, some of these include the M109 ‘King of Battle’ for multiple nations, the long-awaited Type 81 (C) for Japan, the Vickers Mk.11 for Britain and the incredibly unique Object 775 for the USSR! The MH-60L DAP and Spike-capable helicopters have also arrived, and in addition to this, premium Battleships for Britain and Japan. Several new mechanics have been implemented, as well as the very interesting Flanders map, which features an all-new era adaptive format.”

Notably, “several types of bushes found on maps can be destroyed with MG fire.” We’re not sure what the bushes did, but you can wreck ’em now.

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