Neverwinter previews Spelljammer’s Defense of the Moondancer trial


On Halloween, Cryptic rather abruptly announced Spelljammer, Neverwinter’s next module, for November 7th. In addition to adding a new adventure zone and overhauls of boons and Paladins, the update will set players up for the Defense of the Moondancer trial, which is the subject of the game’s most recent developer blog.

“Your adventures in wildspace would not be complete without peril,” the studio teases. “While chasing the Dirty Deceit of the Xaryxian Empire, you, and the crew of the Moondancer are ambushed by its very captain: Captain Zoor’lar.” Players will tackle the trial in three difficulty tiers based on item level (30K for normal, 55K for advanced, and 90K for master).

“While the Moondancer is pelted with fiery cannons from the surrounding galleons under the command of Captain Zoor’lar, those stuck inside the Moondancer will have to fight their way out to rescue it from the siege. You have limited time though – Captain Zoor’lar has blasted Air Bleeders into the ship, which drain your supply of air until there is no more left to breathe! Not only that, 6 Loyal Lieutenants stand in your way, each with fierce abilities that are dangers to you and your party at every corner of the ship! Will you succumb to Captain Zoor’lar’s Lieutenants? Or will you be the ones who best the Disintegration Blade that he wields?”

Cryptic, of course, is currently reeling from studio-wide layoffs announced last night.

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