Neverwinter’s Spelljammer launches November 7 with a new type of zone called Wildspace


Add one more major update to an MMORPG coming next week on November 7th: Neverwinter is launching its Spelljammer module that very crowded day.

“In Spelljammer, reports of falling stars across all of Toril has led Lord Neverember to summon adventurers to investigate this ill omen,” Cryptic says. “However, while bolstering the city’s defenses, the city of Neverwinter is struck by an astral seed – leading to an assault from Astral Elves of the Xaryxian Empire. During this battle, a spelljammer ship, the Moondancer arrives with the offer of assistance against his deadly empire and departs to Wildspace. Alongside the crew of the Moondancer, you’ll need to journey to various planets and convince the inhabitants to ally against the Xaryxian Empire and save Toril!”

The devs are promising the new Defense of the Moondancer trial, the boon system overhaul, a new trial UI, the Paladin revamp, the Barbarian Sentinel update, and the new adventure zone dubbed Wildspace.

“Wildspace [is a] new style of adventure zone never seen before in Neverwinter! Wildspace isn’t a single planet, or area, and it’s not on Toril/ Faerûn — Wildspace is composed of different Landing Sites, each with a unique story, various quests, and different inhabitants all inspired by Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. In addition, there is a special Invasion site where the players battle against the Xaryxian Empire in a race against the clock.”

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