Wizard101 gets ready to head to the Australian Outback with its Wallaru update


Who’s ready to go Down Under in the magical world of Wizard101?

KingsIsle is currently testing its Australian-themed Wallaru release, the final world in the MMO’s current story arc. “From Eucalyptus Forest to the Wobbegong Territory, the mysterious world is home to koalas, kangaroos, wallabys, and wombats,” the studio said. “Inspired by Australia at the turn of the 20th century, Wallaru is the land of the Outback, where inspiration awaits those who can reach and become one with The Dreaming.”

Players should expect to go on a “classic vision quest” over the course of this update while drinking in the beautiful scenery, collecting new spells (including Count Croakula, “which calls a frog vampire down from the sky to swallow opponents whole”), and level their characters from 160 to 170.

Currently there is no release date for Wallaru, but you can get a look at the region with these new screenshots:

Source: Press release
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