Guild Wars 2 recaps its latest test effort for restructuring WvW combat

Here we go again.

Here’s one of the amazing new pieces of information that Guild Wars 2’s designers divined during the most recent WvW restructuring tests: Long queues are bad, actually! You’re shocked, we’re sure. But while that might sound like a no-brainer, it’s pretty clear from the most recent test recap that the team is taking basically every aspect of feedback into account. That includes queues as well as lack of information about when guild selections were locked in, language barriers for EU groups, and some matches just feeling lopsided and unfair.

So what’s to be done about it? Well, some of these are just ongoing problems that don’t have a single fix, but the team is working hard to fix the ones that can be fixed. That includes adding a sixth guild slot when World Restructuring is on permanently, more timing information for matches and lockouts in the core UI, and a flat fee for region transfers when necessary. There are also more tests scheduled, so you can tell that the team is committed to making this work. Even if it’s probably going to take a little while longer.

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