Tarisland thanks players for 5M pre-registrations with a free sparkle pony


Apparently there are a lot of folks who are looking forward to the global release of Tarisland in a few days’ time. The mobile and PC MMORPG has landed itself five million pre-registrations since it first started taking them in April, and with a new milestone comes a new freebie for all: a sparkle pony.

That’s right, everyone who plays the game will be granted a free unicorn mount. It gallops. It neighs. It has blonde locks that would make Fabio jealous. It has glowing curvy lines etched across its body for indeterminate reasons. Also it has a rather sharp-looking sickle-shaped horn; presumably this unicorn is not about granting wishes or looking dope on Trapper Keeper covers.

Five million appears to be the final pre-registration milestone for Tarisland, so unless the list balloons to an unforeseen new high water mark between now and June 21st, that’s probably all of the freebies fans can expect. Now bear witness to your shiny horse-shaped prize in the video below.

source: Twitter
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