Tarisland opens a dedicated pre-registration website with milestones and quests

The windows

Do you wish to pre-order Tarisland on the Windows? No, we’re not making a joke or a typo, that’s what the official dedicated pre-registration website says. It asks you to pre-order on the Windows. So someone skipped a proofreading step, but if you want to pre-register the game for Windows or for mobile devices, that official website has quests and milestones to gamify the process of saying, “I wish to play this video game in the near future.”

The page has a dedicated tracker for total number of pre-registrations which will offer rewards to all players as well as quests to register and recruit friends for entry into a raffle, which is probably familiar to anyone who has seen mobile games launch before. Still, if it’s your jam, you could walk away with a new phone and a gift card, so that’s pretty sweet. Check out the whole page if you’re eager for Tarisland, whether it’s on the Windows or on the mobile devices.

Source: Press release
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