WRUP: Come to Botulism Dave’s, your one-stop shop for shipping containers edition

Banjo music.

Hey there, fine folks of What Are You Playing! Do you need shipping containers? Then come on down to Botulism Dave’s, where we’ve got all the shipping containers you could possibly need! Everything from hard-shelled plastic shipping containers to soft paper. We’ve got differently shaped containers for custom goods, we’ve got package fill, we’ve got an owner named Botulism Dave! That’s why the store is called Botulism Dave’s, not because you can actually purchase or have any risk of contracting botulism while you are here! Our store is one hundred percent free of botulism! Unless you count Botulism Dave himself, which you shouldn’t, because that is once again just his name.

Yes, I’m aware it is a weird name. No, I don’t know why it’s his name. No, I… listen. That is really his name. It’s not a nickname. His first name is Botulism, last name is Dave. Yes, I realize it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense! I don’t know why his parents named him Botulism Dave! I’m not one of his parents! Actually it’s possible he changed it, but why would you change your name to Botulism Dave? Like, maybe if it was a nickname he decided he liked… but that still doesn’t make any sense. Why would you want more people to call you “Botulism Dave?” Again, he sells shipping containers. They are actually good shipping containers. I don’t understand this either.

Botulism Dave’s Shipping Supplies offers you the Botulism Dave Guarantee: “My parents died in a crab fishing accident!”

Bonus question: Have you ever made an impulsive decision that actually turned out to be a good idea?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Exercise games and Splatfest this weekend. Go Team Bear Cubs!

Do ya’ll have any idea how often I impulse buy awesome food that’s good? Often.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ll be lucky to play phone games this weekend as I’ll be away at a wedding. Play some MMOs for me. Somebody get me a Lord of the Rings Online hamster, if you would be so kind.

I don’t do a lot of big things impulsively, but I actually bought my first/only/current house that way in 2020. By chance I found out my neighbors next door to our rental were about to put their mirror-image house on the market for (what was then) a reasonable amount of money, and my husband and I decided that night to go for it; we called up their agent and had our offer in the next morning before anyone else had even seen it. I would normally spend months agonizing and planning, but we had to move fast. (And yes, we got it in the end!)

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to be a feature in our lives, so that’s certainly likely to continue this week (though I’m deeply disappointed with tanking in that game), as well as some little sniffs at The Elder Scrolls Online (aka Necro Kitty Adventures), Helldivers 2 (aka Kill All Bugs), and Final Fantasy XIV (aka What Do I Do Now?)

Bonus: Marrying my husband. He wanted to live here in the States and the best way to do that from a legal immigration standpoint was to get married. We’re now nine years into our impulse and I wouldn’t change a thing about the then-snap decision. Sappy? Yes. But I refuse to apologize for that.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit of game reviewing and a bit of FFXIV ahead of the expansion, although sadly I do not have the benchmark to look forward to this weekend. (Because it’s already out, naturally.) I’m also feeling an urge to go back to some older Mega Man titles, which is something that just happens every so often for me.

Long-time readers will probably guess that I am not someone generally given to impulsive decision-making, but one time I did decide to apply to a job for a site writing about MMOs that I saw had an open call for writers. It was a very spur-of-the-moment thing. Lots of regrets about other stuff, but that one seemed like it was a good decision.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m trying to wrap up the last bits of the Dragonflight campaign in World of Warcraft on my Death Knight, clear out a good half-dozen prologue quests in The Elder Scrolls Online, and maybe do some LOTRO anniversary grinding.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Harry Potter Magic Awakened is my home currently… still… somehow. I still enjoy the duels a whole lot. Despite the changes to the shop and daily system, which I still contend stink, I enjoy playing in my free moments. I downloaded Superhot Mind Control (think that was the new one) that just dropped on Game pass. It’s a really fun experience that makes you feel like you’re in the Matrix. But it’s also just a trial and error game where you run out, get shot, realize that there’s a monster on that corner, and didn’t make that same mistake. A memory game, really. But still it’s cool.

Bonus: When I was visiting my university we had one of those orientations where it lasts over the weekend. I must have been a different person because I was trying to nap instead of going to some event they were holding for us. I could hear some guys in the room next to me horsing around and yelling. So I thought it would be funny to bash in there and act like they were bothering me. Which I did and at first they were shocked and very apologetic and kind. I told them I was just joking and we all had a laugh, and I ended up getting to know them. We were buddies for a couple years of school.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’ll be continuing my merry adventures in WoW and New World.

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