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Survival MMO Dawnlands is set to launch on PC and mobile August 8

Dawnlands first hit our radar last month, when we wondered whether it would fill in the gap while everyone waits for Blue Protocol. As...

Vague Patch Notes: Culture doesn’t excuse poor design choices in MMOs

So Tarisland has heard that people don't like gender-locked classes. This is the correct feedback because gender-locked classes blow, and every game that has...

Blue Protocol’s western version finally drops a new trailer filled with frenetic combat

Still sad about the fact that Blue Protocol is out in Japan already while we're stuck waiting until next year? Well, the silver lining...

Blue Protocol JP adds a time attack dungeon, warns against using an XP exploit, and tweaks gacha odds

It's time for another giant news dump as we continue watching the progress and updates from Blue Protocol's Japanese version. Here is the latest: ...
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Blue Protocol JP confirms Blitz Lancer launch date, adds a summer event, and continues battling bugs

The Japanese version of Blue Protocol has been absolutely bursting at the seams with updates, so allow us a few moments to sweep up...

Funcom discusses Dune Awakening’s South Korean prospects and MMORPG elements

Those of us who live in western countries know very well the pain of watching games develop in Asia as developers hedge on whether...

Blue Protocol showcases Blitz Lancer class and delightful summer swimwear

With Blue Protocol already tearing up the charts in Japan and on its way to the western world next year, there's an understandable interest...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard of: Solarpunk, Hyperspace, and Dawnlands

Welcome back to another run-through of some new-to-us MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles that we (and presumably you) have never heard of. If you have,...
Commence the jiggling.

Blue Protocol JP celebrates 200K concurrency and 600K total players with in-game freebies

Despite the multiple problems that have beleaguered the MMORPG, Bandai Namco has noted the large number of Blue Protocol players who arrived to the...

Blue Protocol reportedly unleashes a banwave against players accessing the MMO outside of Japan

Earlier in the month, we pointed out how eager western fans of Blue Protocol were ready to arrive to the Japanese version of the...
Please, miss, may I have a single Milky Way?

Blue Protocol, celebrating Japanese launch, still plans a western beta later this year

The Amazon team responsible for Blue Protocol's upcoming Western release continues to be a day late, as last night the team released a message...
Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol’s Japanese launch is beset by delays, login issues, and cash shop problems

Today marked the official Japanese launch of Bandai-Namco's MMORPG Blue Protocol, and as is very frequently the case for these occasions, the launch was...

Fight or Kite: Tower of Fantasy might be your Blue Protocol stopgap

Good news, everyone! No wait, it’s bad news: Blue Protocol’s global release was delayed a while back. It's a real bummer because I’m a...
I'm cranky. This is a cranky day.

Betawatch: Tarisland enters closed beta later this month

All right there, Tarisland, what do you have for us? A closed beta? That's good, but will it feature more questionable narration and text...

Blue Protocol’s latest preview video highlights the variety of items players can craft

Can you make a sizzle reel out of MMO crafting? Blue Protocol has certainly given it the old college try with its latest Japanese...
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Blue Protocol JP opens for pre-installation, details battle pass, and shares post-launch content roadmap

Japanese fans of Bandai-Namco's MMORPG Blue Protocol are just under a week away from enjoying the title, but the anticipation is already being kicked...

The Daily Grind: What are your top three most anticipated MMOs?

Blue Protocol. Throne and Liberty. Wayfinder. Ashes of Creation. Pantheon. Star Citizen. Palia. Ship of Heroes. Corepunk. Soulframe. Dune Awakening. Nightingale. Tarisland. I could keep...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 424: Blue Protocol, red Diablo

Justin and Bree discuss Diablo IV, Elder Scrolls Online Necrom, Blue Protocol's delay, Swords of Legends Online's sunset, WoW Classic's WoW Token, PSO2 housing, Tarisland CBT, and Embers Adrift's new model, with adventures in LOTRO, plus MMOs for families.

Amazon confirms Blue Protocol’s western delay and closed beta test on the way

Blue Protocol has been delayed! Oh, you knew that? Because Bandai Namco announced it 11 days ago? Yeah. Fair. Well, Amazon has finally roused itself...

Blue Protocol’s latest Japanese teaser trailer release focuses on character creation options

The parade of teaser hype trailers continues to spew forth from Blue Protocol's Japanese dev team. First it was about locations, then it was...