Blue Protocol’s western version finally drops a new trailer filled with frenetic combat


Still sad about the fact that Blue Protocol is out in Japan already while we’re stuck waiting until next year? Well, the silver lining is that Amazon and Bandai Namco get more time to woo us and hype up the game, which is exactly what they’re doing today with a brand-new trailer that “highlights the current roster of playable classes in the Western version of Blue Protocol: the Blade Warden, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver, Twin Striker and Foe Breaker.”

“An evil, long forgotten, has come to destroy Regnas. You must protect it. With five weapon dependent classes to choose from, you can focus on close, medium, and long-range weapons to attack your enemies and defend your allies. Choose your weapons wisely, the fate of the future depends on you. Play for Free in 2024.”

It looks stunning, of course – and so does the Guild Wars 2-esque font being used for the slates.

Blue Protocol DB also has an interview out asking Amazon’s Mike Zadorojny about so-called “censorship” for the western audience, the delay into next year (pinned on efforts to bring the game “into the Amazon ecosystem” and take feedback from the Japanese launch into account), the battle pass and gacha cosmetic monetization (all crossing over, though the prices won’t), parity with Japan (not confirmed), and the possibility of servers for SEA and Oceania. “Once we pass the internal playtest, the CBT is right around the corner, and that’s our next big step,” Mike Z says.

Source: Press release
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