Blue Protocol showcases Blitz Lancer class and delightful summer swimwear


With Blue Protocol already tearing up the charts in Japan and on its way to the western world next year, there’s an understandable interest in the developments and goings-on of this anime-styled MMORPG. To those eager eyes, Bandai Namco delivered a lengthy (Japanese) livestream with a couple of significant previews for the game.

The first of these is the reveal of the Blitz Lancer class, the MMO’s sixth combat profession. This is a Dragoon-like spear-user who likes to do a lot of deep lunges and high jumps before unleashing devastating attacks with a long polearm. This class is set to go live in the Japanese version of the game this August.

The team also showed off summery swimwear options that look perfect for an in-game beach party. These outfits will go hand-in-hand with the Tropical Resort map and related event.

Source: YouTube
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