Rumor: Tencent is apparently publishing the mobile version of Blue Protocol


Tech outlets are abuzz this morning as apparently Blue Protocol’s mobile edition is still happening, and Bandai Namco has tapped Tencent to run it.

As MMO vets already know, Blue Protocol is a Japanese sandbox MMORPG that launched for Japanese PC fans back in June with lots of issues – and lots of players. But as for those of us in the west, we’re still waiting; Amazon is set to release the game globally, but it’s delayed the game into 2023.

According to multiple unnamed sources, Tencent has apparently scored distribution rights to both develop and publish the mobile version globally, meaning it’ll be the one we play here in the west too. Of course, we don’t have a date, so we’ll do what we’ve been doing all along: wait.

Source: SCMP, Bloomberg
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