Star Trek Online’s Incursion and season 30 are live on PC


The Borg aren’t really that threatening any more in Star Trek Online. It’s hard to still feel menaced by a threat that has been in the game since launch, and you’ve probably defeated countless times, but assuming the Borg aren’t a threat would be a mistake. The newest update, Incursion, sees captains dealing with a new transdimensional reality vortex and bringing them into conflict against a new, upgraded Borg, more powerful and more aggressive than before.

Fortunately, players have allies in the form of Captain Harry Kim (no, really, he’s not an ensign any more) and Captain Kuumaarke in the new featured episode. There are also two new task forces, a special new ground set available, a new uniform, and new tiers of upgrade for Tier 6 ships. Check out the trailer just below and be ready for no more nice, reliable, boring Borg encounters. Assuming the Borg were boring and reliable, anyhow.

The release is live as of this week on PC; PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X|S fans will wait until November 1st.

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