Combat game show The Finals goes on world tour — and to ancient Kyoto


Virtual game show The Finals spread its reach to all corners of the globe — and to all corners of time — with the debut of this month’s Season 3 and the new World Tour.

“In the World Tour, you’ll compete to climb the ladder from Bronze to Gold and beyond. Season 3 will focus on cashout tournaments of 24 players in 2-3 week tournament cycles. The top five players will be on the front page of the World Tour, so check the leaderboard often,” the devs said.

Other additions with Season 3 includes a 16th century Kyoto arena map with “intense terrain height variation and layered buildings,” a Terminal Attack rank mode, three more weapons (recurve bow, dual blades, spear), two additional tools (thermal bore, winch claw), and a career circuit with battle pass XP.

Source: Steam
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