MapleStory’s ‘exclusive, localized updates’ begin with this week’s Go West content patch


MapleStory has been making a lot of noise about the fact that its western version will be completely separate from the Korean version, starting with its earlier presented two-part Go West update. This week has started the side-scrolling MMO’s stride to what Nexon calls “exclusive, localized updates” with the first part of Go West’s content.

As discussed before, part of this update is the maintaining of earnings for mesos in Heroic Worlds, the ability to trade specific items in Interactive Worlds, and the availability of cubes and potentials, but there’s additional content on hand as well in the update, including a revamped Angelic Buster, multiple leveling events including Tera Blink and Dreaming Lachelein, and the new High Mountain epic dungeon. There’s also a new legion artifact growth system that grants access to artifact missions, which in turn give artifact XP to level up the artifact and get stat boosts.

Last but certainly not least is a new event that will stretch through the June and July updates of Go West, which sees Inkwell and Dr. Lim as the Maple Boys concert duo. The event lets players enjoy a summer concert theme and get rewards for completing event activities.

source: press release
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