MapleStory’s two-part Go West update adds new events, revamps Angelic Buster, and maintains currency earning status quo


Back in April, the western version of MapleStory resolved to “follow its own direction,” with updates intended to move away from direct parity from the Korean version in terms of earning currency and specific items. That focus appears to be the North Star for the anime MMO’s Go West update, a double feature content patch arriving on June 12th and July 17th that brings on new things while maintaining methods for earning mesos and cubes.

The landing site and an earlier note from head of western development Hanbyeol Oh both promise that there will be no changes to things like the maximum number of mesos players can get from monsters, cube availability and how potentials are obtained and adjusted, the cost of intense power crystals in heroic worlds, and the availability of the Ursus boss fight.

The June 12th update will also make newly obtained sol erda fragments and nodestone items tradable in interactive world servers and add more useful items to the cash shop, while future updates being considered include the potential of server merges in September and making frenzy totems (or items similar to them) more widely available.

Of course, the Go West patches aren’t just about currency and materials, as there will be a lot of new things coming as well: June 12th will also bring two new events, a revamp to the Angelic Buster class, character progress events that promise to let players hit level 200 “in the blink of an eye,” some quality-of-life updates, and the High Mountain epic dungeon. As for July 17th, more details are promised later, but players can expect a new Pharaoh’s Treasure Event, new nodes, and the continuation of the summer concert-themed event.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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