Lost Ark promises to manage server limits and queues as over 1M players arrive for free-to-play launch


As those who have been following along already know, the free-to-play launch of Lost Ark was an unsurprisingly bumpy ride, with a multi-hour delay, server takedowns to investigate missing characters, and management of server queues and server load. It’s that final one that has been a sticking point for many, as servers that have reached a certain capacity won’t allow new characters to be created on them.

The devs at Amazon Games have released an additional update on that matter, promising that the team is “carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to previously” and that they’re “closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow.” Server caps change frequently, so players are being asked to restart their client to see updated server information.

This has done little to mollify fans who are trying to join their friends and guildmates, resulting in angry forum threads about the issue, along with other threads about queue times and other assorted issues. One thread suggested that Lost Ark should have free server transfers, but a dev response states that no version of the game has such a feature. “This is not something we have the ability to implement immediately and we will have to work through possibilities for with Smilegate RPG,” explains the reply.

Even so, the game has seen a groundswell of players since yesterday, hitting over 980K at its current all-time peak and over 840K in-game as of this writing; the all-time peak number could potentially be broken as the weekend moves forward. [Edit: It’s over 1M now, blazing past that peak set earlier this week.]

The game has also seen an overall positive reception on Steam, with most user reviews rating the MMOARPG as “Mostly Positive.” For more impressions, make sure to check out Tyler’s pre-release hands-on.

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