‘Supermax open world survival’ title SCUM removes garage locks, releases vehicle skins, and seeks player opinons


One of the things we always ask for in our Betawatch column is for readers to let us know if a game in testing isn’t in our immense list, and sure enough we were reminded of SCUM, the self-described “supermax open world survival” pseudo-MMO that entered early access in 2018, though we have been keeping up with its development over the past few years. Even so, it’s high time for us to look at just what’s been happening with the game.

First off, the title is still in early access after nearly six years with no end to it in immediate sight. That’s not to say that developer Gamepires has been completely idle, though, as it has been releasing a host of bug fixing patches, announced a new server setting that removes garage locks from the game because of abuse of the feature, and asked the “scummunity” for its opinion on matters like reworking inventory or the game overall.

SCUM’s latest large-scale update, The Horde, was released this past December, introducing the threat of being attacked by a large number of puppets when exploring POIs, along with server optimizations, a crafting rework, and an updated codex among other things. So while early access for this survival MMO is still going on, updates are still being made. And of course, DLC is also being sold for the incomplete title – including new vehicle skins.

source: Steam 1, 2; thanks to Rhime for the tip!
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