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walk without rhythm, blah blah blah

Betawatch: Dune Awakening is sanding out closed beta invites

Who here likes sand? If you like sand, this is your week for Betawatch because first and foremost there are reports that Dune Awakening...
Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

MMO Week in Review: Pandaria Remix, Loot Reborn, Wayfinder Echoes

What a hell of a week for the MMO genre! Good and bad, as it were. We got previews of FFXIV Dawntrail, Guild Wars 2's...
Peeky boo.

Betawatch: Wayfinder’s plan to downsize its MMO ambitions

Well this was not how I expected the Wayfinder story to continue, with the game basically dropping its online elements altogether. Now, it's not...
One convenient location.

Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles sunsets as V Rising launches

We're sad to see the lights go out for The Wagadu Chronicles, as this week saw the heartbreaking news that the game is shuttering...

Betawatch: SMITE 2’s first alpha, Legends of Aria’s Classic beta

Good morning, SMITE 2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter your first testing phase this weekend. Your continuing mission...

Betawatch: Age of Water and Bellwright enter early access

For some reason we keep letting games enter early access, and this week saw two more hit that stage of release, with both Age...
Somehow, Palpatine returned

Betawatch: World of Warcraft heads for another expansion test cycle with The War Within

Like Oscar Isaac folding his arms and lowering his head with an exasperated sigh, we must report to you that somehow, World of Warcraft...

Betawatch: Echoes of Elysium is unveiled as a new project from Loric Games

Do you really want a survival sandbox to play but insist that you must be allowed to build vehicles for navigating the sky while...

Betawatch: Palia’s layoffs, Ghost’s preview, Alganon’s revival

We aren't exactly thrilled with the way that Palia's development team has been dancing hither and yon around the title of beta recently, but...
Please stop reminding me that this game exists.

Betawatch: Throne & Liberty begins signups for its global open beta

It seemed like we would never again hear about Throne & Liberty, given how long globally oriented comms had been silence, but that was...
Cool, I guess.

Betawatch: Chrono Odyssey gets a publisher but no dates

Good news, Chrono Odyssey fans! Or... well, speculative fans. There's not a game yet to be a fan of; there's just a promise that...
Yay, I guess? Who cares.

Betawatch: MultiVersus rises from its grave

Everyone was a little suspicious when MultiVersus shut down and promised it would be back again some day, since we were all pretty sure...
walk without rhythm, blah blah blah

Betawatch: Dune Awakening shows off but stays sleeping on a release date

Hey, will you look at that, Dune Awakening finally has some of the forward motion happening! It got gameplay previews! It got film references!...
More soon.

Betawatch: Camelot Unchained claims it’s finally launching late in 2025

Well, what do you know, Camelot Unchained has declared a launch window of late 2025. It's going to launch! Can you believe that? Can...

Betawatch: Nightingale heads into early access at last

After what feels like it has been forever - well, wait, that's not fair. Nightingale has actually been in not-early-access for a reasonable length...
See? SEE?!

Betawatch: Islands of Insight launches straight out the gate

So it does not matter what you think about Islands of Insight because that game just launched. Do you know how long that game...

MMO Week in Review: Skull & Bones departs drydock

Skull & Bones finally drifted into its soft launch open beta after eleventy billion delays and do-overs, and... it's actually not terrible? And it's...
head, shoulders, skull and bones (skull and bones)

Betawatch: Skull & Bones lands washes ashore in open beta at long last

If you didn't believe that Skull and Bones would ever hit open beta, or really any beta, you aren't alone. I have been making...

Betawatch: Nightingale’s Friday stress test is still underway

It's time for Nightingale to enter the beautiful, sometimes dangerous world of stress testing as it kicked off a stress test this afternoon, which...
We remember so you don't have to.

Betawatch: Survival sandboxes aplenty with Enshrouded, Palworld, and Fractured Veil

Today, we celebrate Enshrouded entering into early access this week. Not because this is a game I am deeply invested in or anything like...